A qualified NAFAS Area demonstrator

An invitation to a flower demonstration when I was in my 20's introduced me to flowers and opened a whole new beautiful world to me. I love everything about flowers; their diverse natural beauty, their symbolism and meanings, the way they evoke emotion and memories and bring people together.

My demonstrations give me the opportunity to be creative, to share my love of flowers and hopefully inspire others, just as I was inspired all those y​ears ago.


My demonstrations are themed and I have several to choose from: 'Good enough to eat', 'Grand designs', 'Extraordinary women' and for Christmas 'A touch of sparkle' amongst others....but I love putting together new designs and demonstrations, so they can be designed to the individual requirements of clubs and groups.


Contact Dawn

For any enquiries or to book a free consultation with Dawn please call 07837 844599, or get in touch by clicking the button below.